Thursday, 25 June 2009

Hiking Trails - Sawback Trail - Day 6

[47-Badger Pass Junction campground]

The Sawback Trail follows the rugged Sawback Range from the town of Banff to Lake Louise over a distance of 74km (about 45 miles). There are side trails to be discovered which would increase the distance.

On Day 6 the hike will be going for a side trip to Badgers Pass (2,545m) covering a distance one way of 5.5 km after leaving the Badger Pass Junction Campground (Jo29) at the 43.5 km mark. Care should be taken when the days are windy.

[48-Badger Pass Junction and campground necessity]

[49-Trail to Badger Pass - click to enlarge]


[51-click to enlarge]

[52-Badger Pass Junction camprground - leaving]

[53- Indian Paintbrush]

Badger Pass is reached after 5km on a trail that steadily climbs leading to remote wilderness and the headwaters of the Cascade River. It is one of the highest hiking passes in Banff National Park.

[54-Going up Badger Pass -click to enlarge]

The trail crosses over the creek that drains the western slope through forests and meadows.

[55-Up Badger Pass - click to enlarge]

[56 - Click to enlarge]

[57 - Up to Badger Pass - click to enlarge]


[59- Click to enlarge]

[60-Badgers Pass - click to enlarge]

[61-Badgers Pass - click to enlarge]

[62- Badgers Pass looking west - click to enlarge]

[63-click to enlarge]


[65-click to enlarge]

Bonnet Peak (3234m) is to the north of the pass and next to it is the Bonnet Icefield.

[66-Bonnet Glacier - click to enlarge]

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Teresa said...

The pictures today are marvelous, Barbara. I love the mountain scenes of Badger Pass and the marmots, but my favorite is that handsome black spider. (I think you should e-mail that picture to Sepiru Chris at e-Cuneiform scratchings to help him recover more quickly from his surgery. You will have him leaping out of bed!!)

laughingwolf said...

always a treat to see your choices, thx barbara :)

Diane AZ said...

Gorgeous scenic photos plus paint brush flowers, marmots and spider. I love each and every picture. So glad I can enjoy your hike through your posts.

Reader Wil said...

What a country! You are blessed to live there! Thanks for sharing!

Charles Gramlich said...

Definitely looks like glaciers have been at work in these pics. Love that big spider.

Phoenix C. said...

I love those Indian Paintbrush flowers!

The scooped-out effect of the valley is wonderful - so vast.

Barbara Martin said...

Teresa, spiders tend to make me move a little more quickly, especially the hairy kind.

Tony, the choices were easier to make this time.

Diane, the alpine flowers really brighten up the scenery from mid-June to July. One day will have nothing and the next it's as if all the flowers suddenly spread their petals in the sunshine.

Barbara Martin said...

Wil, there many places to visit here, all with different terrain and climates.

Charles, indeed they have.

Phoenix, I like the Indian Paintbrush too, and next week there will be forget-me-nots.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Your beautiful pictures make me long for the cool, mountain air. It's SOOOOO hot here. Thanks, B :)

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Barbara,
Stupendous country, so massive and strong. By day six ones soul would be so filled with the timeless essence of nature. Something we all need.