Friday 18 January 2013

Winter can be a wonderful time of year for various sporting enthusiasts: ice fishing, skiing, skating, tobogganing, walking in crisp cold air that numbs your nose while the snow crunches and squeaks under your boots. Though sometimes there isn't enough snow for sports. Like today: a bare covering of snow on the ground combined with a windchill. Perhaps kites with toque, two pairs of mitts, down-filled parka, woof scarf and various other wool garments underneath layered with soft cotton (rather than polyester which isn't healthy for you over the longterm). It's not pleasant walking in damp cold with a windchill of -18C (0F). The best thing about coming indoors afterwards is preparing a mug of steaming hot chocolate with a wee bit of cream to top it off.

It has been a very wierd winter so far with snow followed by mild temperatures, rain, then several days of sun and cloud ending in colder temperatures and a wee bit of snow. Yet in places meant to be warmer there has been snow: like in Sypria. Perhaps its the poles shifting every time there's an earthquake--some recent ones, over the last six months, on the west coast have been in the 7 scale. Or some years ago I'd read an article that said the planet was going into a water cycle which would create temperature change. Humans adjust just like nature does. We might complain a little but in the end we just go with the flow. Its much easier to do that in the beginning and avoid the tension.

How's your winter life going?

The photo is one of the waterfalls at the location of Elbow Falls west of Bragg Creek, Alberta.

 Photo Credit: "Elbow Falls" woldy CC=nc-nd-flickr

Tuesday 1 January 2013

[Lighthouse at Port Dover, Ontario by cseeman's photostream CC=nc-sa-flickr]

My holidays over Christmas were spent with friends at Port Dover on the north shore of Lake Erie located about two hours west of Toronto. Although no snow had graced the area at that time there was a chill in the air and a brisk breeze coming across the lake from the south-west. Despite gloves my fingers grew chilled when trying to take photos with my phone, thus these from flickr suit my purpose.

[Port Dover Lighthouse and pier by cseeman's photostream CC=nc-sa-flickr.]

The waves coming into shore were a gray-green in colour, completely different from the water I've watched in Lake Ontario.

But the best thing I noticed was the lack of smog present. Being able to breathe in the quiet atmosphere was a blessing.

[Port Dover, ON, pier and benches by cseeman's photostream CC=nc-sa-flickr]

There were no other people present on the day I visited the pier, probably due to the cold wind and their preparations for Christmas.