Thursday 21 February 2013

This photo is of Consolation Lakes located in Banff National Park, Alberta.

I had intended on posting the book review on The Urban Fantasy Anthology, but for some reason Blogger insists on refusing the cover photo to upload.

From time to time I upload photos I intend on using in future posts, and this one was available. A previous post on hiking the Consolation Lakes is here.

The weather in Toronto continues to switch from week to week: snow and chilling winds bringing the temperature down to -25C and the next week 3C with rain. There have been major earthquakes over the last ten years that have been shifting the north pole to the NE degree by degree, which has an impact on weather everywhere on the planet.

Photo Credit: Whipstar CC=nc-nd-flickr.

Sunday 10 February 2013

This photo is of Black Creek with a nice blanket of snow taken February 8, 2013 with my phone.

 What a winter we've had: mild temperatures, rain, periods of snow and now a storm that left 15cm (6 inches) of snow in my area and much more on the east coast. How is it in your area?

Photo Credit: BEMartin-All Rights Reserved