Tuesday 15 March 2011

Sounds of the Universe

This amazing photo is of the Milky Way Galaxy, taken by NASA which I obtained through the Wikimedia Commons. Seeing these clusters of stars set in their spiral shapes gives one pause to ponder: what if....

I came upon the following video and while listening to it my lovebirds perked up, responding to the sounds. Admittedly I do not possess the technical knowledge of astronomers, there is much to be learned from those sounds. I do not believe that our planet with all its life forms is the only one in the unnumbered vast galaxies out there. It is inevitable that those intergalactic travelers are out there, and in time will make their way here. Or will they come from another reality or dimension? Thus comes the theories and ideas of various creators: scientists, writers: those who write fiction and those who write screenplays for movies.