Tuesday 30 November 2010

Road Closed by Leigh Russell (Book Review)

From the back cover:

“When a man dies in a gas explosion, the police suspect arson. The Murder Investigation Team is called in. The case takes on a new and terrible twist when a local villain is visiously attacked.

As the police enquiries lead them from the expensive Harchester Hill Estate to a local brothel, a witness dies in a hit-and-run. They must discover if it was a coincidence – or cold-blooded murder.

The Murder Investigation Team has problems of its own – and so does Geraldine Steel. A shocking revelation threatens her peace of mind as the case races towards its dramatic climax.”

Road Closed is Leigh Russell’s second crime novel of the DI Geraldine Steel series. Managing a hectic work schedule with a partner, Craig, who has difficulties coming to terms with her job, and family pressures over a recent death.

When DCI Kathyn Gordon is stricken with a heart problem and hospitalized, her position is temporarily filled by Chief Detective Inspector, James Ryder. This new character is one I would like to see again in future books of this series.

Once again, Ms Russell uses short chapters to keep the pace steady while ramping up the suspense. The subplot twists with multiple points-of-view creates a complex story that reels the reader in. The criminals are memorable, especially Calum Martin, a particularly nasty individual.

Book format: paperback, 352 pages
Publisher: No Exit Press
Author website: Leigh Russell
Available: August 1, 2010

ROAD CLOSED, is available in Canada at Chapters.Indigo.ca and Amazon.ca