Sunday 8 February 2015

Wascana Trails

The Wascana Trails are located NW of Regina along a deep ravine in the Qu'Appelle River Valley. They are part of the Wascana Valley Nature Recreation Site, covering 15km of varied terrain of hills with steep and winding ascents and descents providing excellent views of the river valley.

Wheelchair access by hand cycle on North America's first off-road hand cycle trail.

Directions from

"Go NW of Regina on Highway #11 about 10.5km past where it turns off of Albert (#6). Turn West on secondary Highway 734. At 7.7km where the Highway takes a hard right to the N, go straight (watch for cars as I KNOW you'll be thinking of singletrack) down the gravel road. Another 1.8km (around a couple left hand turns) and you will find the well marked parking lot. There are a few signs on the way so you won't get lost."

Research: TourismSaskatchewan dot com

Photo Credit: davidgane CC=nc-nd-flickr. CLICK TO ENLARGE.

Thursday 5 February 2015

Prudhomme Lake

Although closed at this time of the year, Prudhomme Lake in Prudhomme Lake Provincial Park in British Columbia, offers respite from the cities in the summer. Located 16km east of Prince Rupert, this park covers 7 hectares with ample campground sites to enjoy fishing of five species of Pacific Salmon. Salmon spawning occurs in August and September.

Photo Credit: DreamEchos CC=nc-flickr. CLICK TO ENLARGE