Thursday, 13 November 2014

Asian Carp Invasion

The Ontario Angling Federation has set up a series of information sessions in several Ontario locations on how the Asian Carp invasion would jeopardize the Great Lakes. Each session will include speakers from the federal and provincial governments.

“An Asian carps invasion would jeopardize the Great Lakes’ $5-billion fishery and decimate native fish populations,” reads an OFAH press release. “While Asian carps are not yet established in the Great Lakes, their DNA has been detected near Chicago just a few miles upstream of Lake Michigan, prompting both the Canadian and Ontario governments to commit major resources to the threat.”

There is concern over the risks imposed by the Asian Carp creating ecological disruption that would alter the habitat by being carriers for disease and prey upon native fish populations. As well, the socio-economic impact upon the Aboriginal communities fisheries could result in the loss of their livelihood. Legislation in Canada is needed to ensure “that all Bighead, Black, Grass, and Silver carps entering the country to be “dead and eviscerated” prior to entry as Asian Carp have the ability to appear dead on ice for two days”.

Preventing the invasion is cheaper than trying to eradicate them once they have become established in the lake system.

It is now illegal in Ontario to possess live Bighead, Black, Grass or Silver Carp as well as other invasive fish species. has information on how to report a sighting.


Photo Credit: Lake Superior, Ontario - Orchid Calpso CC=nc-nd-flickr.
I apologize for no carp photo, but blogger would not allow Wikimedia photo to load for some strange reason. Is it Twilight Zone time?

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Cataract Falls

Cataract Falls is located at the Fork of the Credit River Provincial Park. Within the park various activities such as hiking, fishing, cross-country skiing and birding are common.

Photo Credit: bobcatnorth CC=nc-sa-flickr.