Tuesday, 20 January 2009


To my surprise Mihai of Dark Wolf’s Fantasy Reviews gave me this award. Thank you very much.

The award "Premio Dardos" is for the appreciation of merits—culturally, literary and individually—of every blogger who expresses him/herself on his/her blog.

1. be tickled pink ;)
2. copy and paste the award picture to your blog;
3. write down the regulations;
4. link the blog who bestowed you the Award;
5. and finally nominate 15 blogs for the Award.

It has become my norm not to pass the awards on to others as there have been comments that the awards are like chain mail letters. Instead of the 15 nominees, I have chosen 11 and these may choose whether or not to nominate others for the award:

1. Textilosophy Oz – Pam works with a variety of textiles to come up with interesting products and food for thought in all manner of topics.

2. E-Cuneiform Scratchings – Sepiru Chris, with wit and charm, provides thorough historical background of places he visits.

3. Visual Norway – RuneE takes magnificent photos of Norway.

4. Reader Wil – Wil posts photos and articles about the Netherlands and trips she takes to exotic locations.

5. Walk The Wilderness – Thomas visits the various wildlife sanctuaries in India to photograph the birds and animals found there. He has a beautiful set of a Bengal Tiger, one of my favourites of the big cats.

6. Transient Lives – Bindu goes on travels to a variety of locations, and upon returning writes beautiful posts about her adventures.

7. Full Throttle and F**k It – Steve Malley has a unique way at looking at writerly things.

8. Barrie Summy who writes middle school and YA mystery books. Also, she provides interesting places and items for her My Town Monday posts.

9. Merisi’s Vienna for Beginners. Merisi posts whatever catches her fancy in and around Vienna for her blog, where she produces a visual treat for any visitor.

10. Gary Rith Pottery Blog. Gary teaches pottery at Cornell University and makes a variety of delightful mugs, plates, cream and sugars with innovative accessories. He has a great sense of humour in posting about his family of pets and lovely wife.

11. Raph's Ramblings. Raph Neckmann has imagined a wonderful world of giraffes which delighted me the first visit.

May you all enjoy your well-deserved awards.


David Cranmer said...

Congrats on your award! Well deserved.

Merisi said...

congratulations on the award!
Thank you for mentioning my blog in connection with this "Premio Dardos," I feel truly honored!
I will have to come back here, to explore the other blogs you listed; a few of them already are on my regular reading list, I am looking forward to getting to know more of them.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Barbara, congratulations on your award, and thank you so much for nominating me - what a lovely surprise - it has made my day!

I shall copy the award into my blog, link and nominate this evening! Thank you!

Teresa said...

Congratulations, Barbara. You really do have a great blog.

Barrie said...

Thanks for the award, Barbara! I'm in awesome company.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

oh, I SAY ROCK ON, thanks, and when I am in TO this spring I am buying you a beer!

Gary's third pottery blog said...

I put it with the other award I got today, thank you.
You get to review books by dean Koontz you lucky dog???????

bindu said...

Congratulations, Barbara! And thank you so much for thinking of me. :) It does mean a lot, coming from you.

Reader Wil said...

Thank you Barbara! And Congratulations to you, You deserve it for your blog is interesting, informative and well written. You think about life and all kind of problems.

Barbara Martin said...

David, thank you. It's always nice to be appreciated.

Merisi, you're very welcome. I think of acquiring the awards as a show of appreciation.

Raph, you are entirely welcome. The giving of awards is also a method of introducing blogs that may otherwise go unnoticed. Your giraffe world is a pleasant place to visit...sometimes I don't want to leave.

Teresa, thank you for your kind words.

Barbara Martin said...

Barrie, you're welcome and you can look at it while you write your next fantastic mystery.

Gary, it's a deal on the beer.

I bought the Dean Koontz hardcover last year and as I hadn't read it yet, decided to put it on the review list to hurry up the process. Maybe if I write the perfect review I will be offered a newer book, even an Odd Thomas one. That's what happened when I reviewed The Reincarnationist; I was offered The Memorist by the marketing team.

Upcoming reviews once the books arrive will be Drood by Dan Simmons, and Cut Short by Leigh Russell.

Barbara Martin said...

Bindu, you are very welcome. Reading about your recent trip to Argentina with accompanying photos is a delight.

Wil, thank you for your kind words. I try not to think about too many problems, rather solutions to them.

Sepiru Chris said...


... ...

(*stunned silence*)

I well see how you deserve this award; I am very appreciative that you decided to nominate me also.

Thank you very much.

This, of course, means that I now have to broaden my reading, or at least sampling, at the same time that the Heroine and Hero have both been demanding cutbacks...

I have to head off, now, but I will be back later.

Enjoy the coming morning, it is great here in Hong Kong.


Raph G. Neckmann said...

Barbara, thank you again! I have posted about the Premio Dardos award, but have not been able to copy and paste the award image. I've done the usual things, but it won't appear... I've therefore suggested to my nominees that they copy it from your blog - I trust this is OK with you - please let me know if not and I'll change it.

Barbara Martin said...

Chris, where else am I going to read historical episodes combined with current photos at the touch of a few keys?

Raph, your visitors may come by the droves to this side of the pond. I'll be over shortly to peek at your page.

Sepiru Chris said...


...Of course, just before I come by to visit, what goes up on my site but a light piece reviewing the culinary offerings of a restaurant in HK that we recently came upon.

Anyone that visits me before Friday will wonder what the heck you are talking about.

I suppose I should start discovering what company I am deemed to be running in.

Thank you again, and congratulations (et felicitations) to you on being awarded it in the first place.


Barbara Martin said...

Chris, that is the beauty of the English language: many meanings to a phrase of words.

Sepiru Chris said...


I have now visited the other blogs, and am even more honoured.

Thank you also for introducing such interesting blogs which I had not discovered before, with the sole exception of Barrie Summy whom I previously followed.

All the best, one final time. I promise not to use up more bandwith today; a joint venture agreement requires review and attention.


Unknown said...

Congratulation on the award Barbara. Your blog derserves it.

And thank you for passing it on to our blog...Thomas

Barbara Martin said...

Chris, how can we tell what you do for a living...your latter comment reminds me of the M&A work I used to do. Though I need 'funny' at 2AM.

Thomas, thank you for your kind words.

I had only heard of "Gaurs" from a printed page and then saw those magnificent photos the other day. I could have sworn telepathic messages were coming from the photos, they are so lifelike. You have this perfect 'eye' for a picture that transcends itself into the camera.

RuneE said...

I haven't been around for a couple of days, so I see that I have missed something I should not have missed : Your Award. First: I will congratulate you with receiving it - much deserved. Second: I will Thank You Very Much for passing it on to me!

I have much the same attitude towards Awards as you have, so I accept it in the spirit it was given, and I will put it in my sidebar with a suitable text and referral, but I will not pass it further on.