Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Tuesdays for Travis - Lily Lake



[3- Sunset at Lily Lake]

Lily Lake is near Middleton, Nova Scotia.

Photo Credits: [1][2][3]-Grant MacDonald CC-nc-flickr.


SAPhotographs (Joan) said...

These look like paintings Barbara. Wonderful!! Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. You have some amazing pictures on your page but Those mountains of Tonquin Valley took my breath away.

Teresa said...

Hi Barbara, Thanks for the gorgeous pictures of Nova Scotia. I love the sunset.

Charles Gramlich said...

Love those country scenes.

Maria said...

Hallo Barbara, the pictures of Nova Scotia are too beautiful! I wish I was there! Too funny those ducks, they seem to be .. well .. curious thing, they look funny :)
They are so cute to watch, and look so pretty, and these photos show very well how colourful they are!
Have a nice week, I'm still sitting in my office :(

Barbara Martin said...

Joan, welcome. The mountain photos will improve come Thursday as the hike continues.

Teresa, you're very welcome.

Charles, they are a lovely change from a bustling city.

Barbara Martin said...

Maria, I would recommened visiting Nova Scotia in the summer. This winter they have had many snow storms to deal with.

bindu said...

So serene! I have really romantic images of the wilderness from your part of the world, and your pictures fit in perfectly.

Barbara Martin said...

Bindu, there is always beauty in wilderness combined with different types of danger.