Wednesday, 24 September 2008

Hiking Trails - Mt. Assiniboine Trail - Day 4 of 11

This post belongs to the first series of hikes, which is a 11-day backpacking trip from Kananaskis, along the Continental Divide to Yoho National Park. Today’s post covers the fourth day.

Lake Magog to Howard Douglas Lake
23km –8 hours - moderate – closest town: Banff, AB

[1-Mt. Assiniboine]

[2- Magog Creek]

[3-Asters and Paintbrush]

Cross Og Meadows before reaching Og Lake

[4-Meadows near Mt. Assiniboine]

[5-Mt. Assiniboine and meadows near Og Creek]

[6-Mt. Assiniboine from spot near Og Lake]

[7-Og Lake campsite]

Walk to Og Lake where there are a large quantity of ground squirrels. It is important to ensure one has sufficient water as there is no water between Og Lake and the top of Citadel Pass.

21.0 miles (33.6) — Og Lake. Elevation: 2,026.5 m (6,755 ft.)

From Og Lake to Citadel Pass is 4.2 miles (6.8 km)

[8-Valley of the Rocks]

The stroll through the Valley of the Rocks is up and down and twisting around large odd shaped boulders from an ancient landslide. Here the hiker re-enters Banff National Park.

[9-Valley of the Rocks]

[10-Golden Mountain]

Follow the traverse on the steep open sidehill of Golden Valley which is contoured high up until the start of Citadel Pass which some hikers find to be the most demanding of their journey.

[11-On side of Golden Mountain]

[12-Golden Mountain - Can you see the deer?]

[13-Golden Mountain]


[15-Beyond Golden Valley]

[16-Beyond Golden Valley]

Steep ascent to Citadel Pass where in summer there is the wonderful display of wild flowers on the open slopes below the pass.

[17-Citadel Pass - looking back]

[18-Citadel Pass trail]

[19-Citadel Peak – 2610m (8563 ft.]

29.0 miles (46.4) — Citadel Pass. Elevation: 7,740 feet (2,322 meters)

Located on the continental divide in the Porcupine Creek Valley at the head of Howard Douglas Creek; west Buttress of Citadel Pass; on the border of Banff & Assiniboine parks, Alberta/BC border. Major headwaters Bow & Kootenay rivers.]

On the summit of Citadel Pass (at 9.3 km) is a side trail to Fatigue Pass that branches uphill to the left.

[20-Citadel Peak Pass Trail through meadow]

Descend to the Howard Douglas lake and past to the camp.

[21-Howard Douglas Lake]

[22-Howard Douglas Lake and Citadel Peak]

The campground here is small and tent sites uneven, and there are small fish in the lake. Hikers need a Banff National Park wilderness permit to camp overnight here.


Sources: BCParks, ParksCanada
Photo Credits: [1][2][3][4][5][6]-nstrauss, [7]-jonclark, [8][9][10][11][12][13][14][15][16][17][18][21][22]-totten_photos CC=nc-nd-flickr, [19][20]-meganpru CC=nc-sa-flickr.


Steve Malley said...


Maria said...

There are so many beautiful things to do and places to visit in Canada! I think a lifetime is not enough!
Thank you for posting this awsome trip!

Anonymous said...

Have just caught up with your past posts Barbara - how interesting that angels make a delightful appearance as well!!

Sienna said...

Hope this works, had locked myself out of google..

This is such beautiful country, parts of it remind me of here, some of it, of places in Scotland...and then a few pics of Sean Penn's "Into The Wild" film...(Alaska).

PS: (My knowledge of the bird life I took photos of in Queensland is embarrassingly little. I'm unable to find likeness of them on my bird identification charts here. Some I did jot down names on scraps of paper after asking people I was with, and have since lost the notes).

BernardL said...

That looks like one beautiful hike.

Barbara Martin said...

Steve, I agree.

Maria, here you will have glimpses of places you might visit at a later time.

Pam, most of my posts are related in some way to my dark fantasy manuscripts.

Sienna, I was having problems with Google last evening as well, where my computer froze, but all seems well now.

Bernard, the trail goes over some very interesting landscapes and water.

Gary's third pottery blog said...

hard to believe such a pretty place exists...

Rick said...

Just saw your "Messengers" post. Absolutely inspiring. And this post re-enforces my opinion of your wonderful eye for beauty. I may have asked you about this before, but have you ever written about Gargantua Bay? I'm going up there next year to research a book.

laughingwolf said...

something about that kind of country makes me 'feel at home'... thx barbara

Barbara Martin said...

Gary, there are many pretty places everywhere...

Rick, you did ask, but not in that context. No, I have not written anything about that place. If it has fishing, maybe.

Tony, that's because the Rocky Mountains are considered sacred by the First Nations in Canada, where you are in tune and closer to the heavens above.

dND said...

That countryside is stunning, unbelievably beautiful.


J. L. Krueger said...

Great pictures and commentary. Mt. Assiniboine looks like it would be one heck of a climb.

Barrie said...

The scenery is amazing! And, now I'm off to the gym, where I'll be staring at.....a TV!

Barbara Martin said...

Deborah, welcome, and I would say the same of France, especially near the Alps or the French Riviera.

JL, I agree, it might be better to attempt an assent up the rear which is pictured in the September 11/08 hiking post in photo #11; but that even looks tricky.

Barrie, then you will have to imagine and recall the photos while you exercise. Perhaps next year you can hike, good exercise.