Monday, 8 September 2008

Tuesdays for Travis - Murtle Lake

[1- North Arm of Murtle Lake]

Murtle Lake consists of a 6,900 hectare mid-section of Wells Gray Park's 540,000 ha total. Wells Gray Provincial Park is in the Cariboo Mountains of British Columbia.

Murtle Lake is world-famous as the largest canoe-only lake in North America. Set in a pristine mountain valley, the north and west arms are approximately 20 km long, and the lake averages three kilometres wide.

[2- Paddling Murtle Lake]

Murtle Lake is glacier-fed, and the water is icy cold.

[3- West arm of Murtle Lake]

No internal combustion engines or electric motors, no pets, and no firearms are allowed.

[4- Fairy Slipper Island]

No overnight use and no campfires are allowed on Fairyslipper Island.

[5 - Frog]

The use of bear proof food caches is mandatory.

Boil or otherwise purify lake or creek water to reduce risk of Giardia lamblia (beaver fever).

[6- Murtle Lake from Diamond Lagoon]

[7- McDougall Falls]

The outlet of Murtle Lake is the swift-flowing and dangerous Murtle River, noted for its many waterfalls. Visitors wishing to hike to McDougall Falls must use caution in Diamond Lagoon.

Murtle Lake is a large lake and subject to gusts of strong wind. The lake often becomes choppy in the afternoon. If moving camp it is best to do so in the forenoon. Never try to out-run a storm; beach at the first available opportunity and wait out bad weather.

[8-Murtle Lake]

Murtle is noted for rainbow and kokanee trout. Anyone fishing or angling in British Columbia must have an appropriate licence.

[9- Eagle at Murtle Lake]

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Photo Credits: [1][2]-runningcloud, [3]-paddlehead, [4]-andreaCB, [5]-brenda, [6]-jimmy coltrane, [7][8]-malachai constant,[9]-zmountainman


laughingwolf said...

beauty... i've been to wells gray many times, but not to murtle lake, looks like i missed a lot :(

Barbara Martin said...

Tony, this might be as one has to hike in to this lake. There are no roads.

Charles Gramlich said...

Wow, lovely Eagle. Great pics all around, though

gary rith said...

How much prettier can a place be????

Travis Erwin said...

Beware of the beaver Fever! And canoeing is a bit more work than I want to do.

Barbara Martin said...

Charles, there were fantastic views from the top of Central Mountain which I left out as this is supposed to be a fishing post.

Gary, there are many pretty places in Canada. But this place is certainly a nice setting for wilderness.

Travis, one would have to boil water wherever they travelled in North America to prevent this disease from surface water. As for your comment about the canoeing: you would have to portage, too.

Murtle Lake is accessed by travelling highway 5 to Blue
River and then following a twisting, rough gravel road 27
km's to the portage Parking lot. This is where you leave
your vehicle, and transfer your gear down a "wheelchair
accessible" 2.5 KM trail to the lagoon launch. Wheeled carts are available to rent to pull your canoe down to the water.

Next post I'll see if I can find an easier location for angling.

Steve Malley said...

Mighty nice. Mighty nice...

Barbara Martin said...

Steve, this might remind you of New Zealand with the deep valleys and snow topped mountains. The scenery in LOTR made my soul sing.

laughingwolf said...

ah, thx barbara... was curious

BernardL said...

A wonderful pictorial tour of a wondrous area.