Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Tuesday for Travis - Oxbow Lake

[Oxbow Lake - click to enlarge]

The view in this photo is looking north on the small oxbow lake on the Assiniboine River at Spruce Woods Provincial Park. The park is south-east of Brandon, Manitoba or 170 km west of Winnipeg.

For families the campground at this location has a nice beach for younger children. The park has well developed facilities including a snack bar, mini golf, hiking trails, cycling trails, horse riding, horseshoes, orienteering courses, canoe and paddle boat rentals.

Source: Spruce Woods Provincial Park , Manitoba

Photo Credit: Ted Sali CC=nc-nd-flickr.


Teresa said...

This is gorgeous, Barbara. I never knew that Manitoba was green and had lakes. I thought it was all dry plains. I really learn a lot from your blog.

David Cranmer said...

My wife and I enjoy paddle boats and would fit in here happily.

Reader Wil said...

A very beautiful place where it is good to be! Thanks for the great photo!

laughingwolf said...

is manitoba still the mosquito capital of canada? :O lol

regardless, a lovely place :)

Barbara Martin said...

Teresa, Manitoba has prairies in the southern portion, otherwise it is a very lush, green and wet province. It is known as the "land of 100,000 lakes". The two largest lakes in the province are Lake Winnipeg and Lake Winnipegosis.

Barbara Martin said...

David, then take your bug repellent.

Wil, agreed.

Tony, I imagine it might be.

Travis Erwin said...

You should teach us Southerners a bit about the different provinces.

Maybe do a My Country Monday.

Barbara Martin said...

Travis, what would be better would be a province or territory per week as the maps take up space. I'll start this Monday then.