Friday, 7 November 2008

Autumn in the Rockies

View of Mt. Rundle from the lawns of Canada Place, or the Administration Grounds as I knew them, in Banff.

Photo Credit: cuppojoe CC=nc-sa-flickr.


Michele said...

A magnificent view of the mountains! I never tire of them... beautifully composed!
Mountain Retreat- Canada

Rick said...

Wonderful, wonderful, picture. Is it named after Christina Rundle?

Barbara Martin said...

Michele, you and I are kindred spirits where mountains are concerned.

Rick, nice try, but no brownies. The mountain was named by John Palliser in 1858 after Reverend Robert Rundle, who had visited the Banff area during the 1840s.

Now I will have to do a post on the Reverand Rundle and how he nearly killed himself mountain climbing.

Rick said...

Please do that follow up post, Barbara. I hate missing out on brownies.

Charles Gramlich said...

I love that incredible yellow tree.

Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara.

Barbara Martin said...

Rick, next week.

Charles, it sets off nicely with the pine trees.

François, glad you like the picture.