Monday, 6 April 2009

Tuesdays for Travis - Maligne Lake

[1– Maligne Lake – Curly Philips boat house is a registered historical building - click to enlarge]

For fishing, full and half-day guided fishing trips can be arranged which included round trip transportation from all Jasper hotels with all the necessary equipment for a day of fishing with an experienced guide. Full day trips have lunch provided. For those wishing to rent boats and gear arrangements may be made at the Curly Philips Boat House. The lake is stocked with a self-sustaining population of rainbow trout and brook trout. The largest rainbow trout in Alberta was caught in this lake weighing 20 pounds, 4 ounces by sportfishing.

Maligne Lake is in Jasper National Park, Alberta, located 44km (27 mi) south of Jasper townsite. A daily Jasper shuttle bus service is available from several of the town’s hotels to Maligne Lake. The length of Maligne Lake is approximately 22.5 km (14 mi) long with its deepest depth at 97 m (318 ft), though it averages 35 m (115 ft) in depth. The surface elevation is 1,670 m (5,479 ft).

[2-Spirit Island - click to enlarge}

Boat trips of 90-minute duration run to Spirit Island, a popular sight in the park well hidden at the southern end of the fjord-styled lake and surrounded by miles of wilderness. Passengers are allowed to get off the boat for a short walk to the viewpoint Lodge where delicious cuisine is available. The encircling mountains are known as “the Hall of the Gods.”

Maligne Lake is the second largest glacial fed lake in the world. The lake was discovered by Mary Schaffer, a female explorer of the region.


Photo Credits: [1]-Leto A CC=nc-sa-flickr, [2]-n willisley CC=sa-flickr.


Reader Wil said...

I love your photos. They are stunning! Have a great day!

A Cuban In London said...

As much as I liked hte first photo it was the second one I fell in love with. Those grey clouds in the background are ominous and yet beautiful. Many thanks.

Greetings from London.

BernardL said...

Spirit Island looks to be a very enticing place to visit.

Travis Erwin said...

I love the look of that island. 27 days until I get to go fishing!

Barbara Martin said...

Wil, perhaps if I post enough wonderful photos of Canada's wilderness one day you will visit.

Cuban, this is the humidity that clings to the surface in the mornings until the warm sun comes along to evaporate the mist, which is usually around 11 a.m.

Barbara Martin said...

Bernard, Spirit Island is considered one of the more famous locations in the Canadian Rockies.

Travis, you must tell us about your fishing trip.

Unknown said...

Thanks to your post this Maligne Lake seems to be a beautiful locations. The image choices as usual are awesome

debra said...

This is another beautiful place. It reminds me of Blue Mountain Lake in NY's Adirondack Mountains. Magnificent!

laughingwolf said...

to me, no landscape is more beautiful!

Shelley Munro said...

The photos are gorgeous, especially the first one. The light is beautiful. I wanted to blink and be there instantly. :)

Barbara Martin said...

Thomas, there were many good choices for this area.

Debra, I'm glad you enjoy the photos. Sometimes I like to think that if I could make the viewing area larger then I could step right into the beautiful landscape.

Barbara Martin said...

Tony, my favourite place is Banff, particularly the campgrounds on Tunnel Mountain as that was the first place I remember from my childhood.

Shelley, when the sun shines in the mountains it is always gorgeous.