Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Tuesdays for Travis - Waskesiu Lake


Waskesiu Lake is in Prince Albert National Park 200 km (120 miles) north of Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. Waskesiu means “red deer” in the First Nations Cree language.

Waskesiu is the only town in Prince Albert National Park, located on the southern shore of the lake. There are a variety of recreational activities at the lake including the Waskesiu Golf Course which was designed by famed golf course architect Stanley Thompson who also designed the course in Banff National Park.


For angling there are 21 species of fish recorded in the Park, including Iowa darter, yellow perch, brook stickleback, spottail shiner, cisco, northern pike (locally called "jack fish"), walleye (locally called "pickerel", and lake trout.

[3-Yellow Perch]

In the forested areas around the lake there are white-tailed deer, elk, moose, black bears and wolves.

[4- Elk cow]

Sources: ParksCanada www.pc.gc.ca, wikipedia.
Photo Credits: [1][2]-Jordan CC=nc-sa-flickr, [3]-wikipedia, [4]-Space Ritual CC=flickr.


Anonymous said...

still beautiful photos of a beautiful land! sumptuous red deer!

Unknown said...

Barbara : You choice of images here is awesome and they depict the richness of this Waskesiu lake beautifully...Thomas

Gary's third pottery blog said...


Charles Gramlich said...

Yellow perch. Good fishing, good eating.

RuneE said...

I wish I was capable of snoozing around in that area for a while.

pattinase (abbott) said...

Gorgeous as always.

debra said...

I always feel so good after reading these post, Barbara. Thanks again.

BernardL said...

Very nice, Barbara.

Steve Malley said...

I'm with Charles: those fish made me hungry!

Shelley Munro said...

What gorgeous photos. My husband would love seeing that moose. :)

Barbara Martin said...

François, these northern areas are best seen in summer.

Thomas, the photos have to speak to me before I choose them.

Gary, only three and a half more months.

Charles, they are indeed.

Barbara Martin said...

RuneE, then I recommend you bring bug repellent, or eat bananas, because the horse flies, midges, and mosquitos can be bad.

Patti, thank you.

Debra, its always good to get away from the cement and glass lifestyles.

Bernard, thanks.

Barbara Martin said...

Steve, then you ought to have a snack. Nice to see you back for a visit.

Shelley, sorry: an elk, not a moose. Moose are huge. There's no telltale hump over the shoulders, and moose heads are long and weird looking. And moose like going into fairly deep water to eat water plants.

amy said...

Hi Barbara-

I followed you here from Life at Willow Manor because your avatar caught my eye. Lovely photos! Hope to visit your neck-o-the-woods sometime future.

Best wishes,

Barbara Martin said...

Amy, thank you for stopping by. Enjoy your visit. The coffee is always on.

Sepiru Chris said...


I forgot that you do TUESDAYS for Travis!

I shall amend the MTM link to include this post also (but I think the visit to the Lipizzaners and the Schloss in Wiens also qualified.

Sorry Barbara... connections were difficult in Cambodia, and I have just returned to Hong Kong.

This post brought back memories of Waskesiu.

I lived in Saskatoon (along with 20+ Canadian towns/cities before university) and I remember cross-country skiing there. It is quite a lovely landscape and land.

Thanks for bringing me back, Barbara.

Barbara Martin said...

Chris, I do this fishing post for Travis because he's a redneck just like me. Also, I'm learning about fishing for my writing.

If there are fishing places in China, I'm sure Travis and Charles Gramlich would appreciate it, as they are both avid fishermen.

Since you're so eager for me to continue with MTM posts, I'll give in and post one on Monday. (I am trying to write fiction and squeeze it in with these blog posts).

Sepiru Chris said...


I take a fairly expansive view of my town Monday; in my role as guest host, I already determined that both your Monday and Tuesday posts were MTM appropriate.

There is no real court of appeal, unless you would like me to delist one link... :) Your articles are really enjoyable. No worries... and I am too much a procrastinator myself sometimes to want to assist others.

By all means, work on the fiction.

I suspect that I will deem a post or two MTM material anyways.

With a collegial nod, and best wishes,

Barbara Martin said...

Chris, I defer. You may continue with your choices.

Travis Erwin said...

You are going to have to change these to tormenting Travis on Tuesday because I want to go fishing bad.

Barbara Martin said...

Travis, then my posts are working! What a grand vacation you can plan for next summer when your sons are out of school, for a trip to Canada's north woods.

Sepiru Chris said...


Whilst there are fishing places a plenty in China, I am not sure how Travis would survive when vegetation surrounds his every meal, on the plates, that is.

I am waiting for Travis to reveal the trauma-inducing incident that inspired his phobia of lettuce...

I think that will be another great story.


Barbara Martin said...

Chris, I tend to be a meat eater myself, preferably grass fed Angus.

Though, so far, Travis has enjoyed just the fishing places with the odd photo of fish (uncooked). I think its mainly the thought of casting a line onto smooth reflected water that catches his or a fisherman's eye in general.