Sunday, 24 May 2009

My Town Monday - Then and Now (3)

[1-Ontario Legislature nearing end of construction in 1893]

[2 Ontario Legislature current]

[3 Yonge Street looking north from Front Street in 1885. Building to left of photo is in the same location as the building housing the Hockey Hall of Fame pictured below]

[4 Detail of outside of Hockey Hall of Fame]

[5 Hockey Hall of Fame in former Bank of Montreal]

[6 -Special track installation for electric cars at King and Yonge Streets]

[7 King Street west from Yonge - click to enlarge]

[8 King Edward Hotel between 1903 and 1921]

[9 King Edward Hotel current]

Photo Credits: [1][2][3][5][6]]7][8]-wikimedia, [4]-Bobby Menses CC=nc-nd-flickr, [7]-Gavatron CC=nc-sa-flickr.

Travis Erwin from Amarillo, Texas is the founder of My Town Monday. For other locations to visit please go to Travis' site here.


Teresa said...

I love these then and now posts, Barbara. The Hockey Hall of Fame is a very striking building.

Reader Wil said...

I didn't know Toronto had so many huge buildings! They look Victorian for the main part.Thanks for sharing!

debra said...

The historic buildings that are so majestic jewels among today's buildings.

Unknown said...

Barbara, You always excel in your choices of images, especially in the "then and now" series.

RuneE said...

It is always very interesting to compare pictures of "then and now". Many things change faster then we recognize, then again, some do not. That is one of the important features of documentation, be it painting, photos or written words.

I enjoyed these very much.

PS Thank you for the very nice comments! Let's see: The insect has been identified as belonging to a group called Heteroptera (with many species), some known as Stink Bugs in the US.

The Vikings that came to Nova Scotia ("Vinland") in the year 1000 came from Greenland and Iceland, although they hailed from Norway.

I appreciated very much your comment about organ donation. I didn't know that you had yourself received such a help. I'm glad that it has worked so well.

I'm glad you like my pictures - it is always nice when someone appreciates one's hobby!

Sekhar said...

Great comparisions. Nice to see the world change through these pics. Nostalgic too :)

Terrie Farley Moran said...

These are grand and glamorous buildings. Thanks for these views.


Charles Gramlich said...

Well, now those are some hiking trails I might not travel on. those concrete cliffs just aren't my thing.

Travis Erwin said...

I think you should take us inside and do an entire post on the hockey hall of fame.

Reb said...

Lovely to see the old photos and to be able to compare them to today.

L.A. Mitchell said...

Love the 1885 picture. Thanks so much for sharing :)

Jenn Jilks said...

What a trip back. I used to work at Front and Yonge.

Amazing how things change, yet remain the same.

Barbara Martin said...

For those who live and work in Toronto the older buildings are in stark contrast to the modern towers of steel and glass.

Sepiru Chris said...

Dear Barbara,

I especially like the special track installation at King and Yonge which you found. Great searching and sharing.


Barbara Martin said...

Many of the office buildings in Toronto are of a more modern style with a sprinkling of the older buildings, some which have received remodeling the interiors and cleaning the stonework on the outside.