Thursday, 5 February 2009

Hiking Trails - Tonquin Valley - Day 3

This is a continuation of the post from last week where the hike stopped at the Maccarib campground.

[35-Morning sun on Ramparts from the Maccarib Campground - click to enlarge]

The trail from the Maccarib Campground to the Amethyst Campground is 3 km over a trail that is sometimes muddy.

[36-Morning sun on northly portion of the Ramparts over the Tonquin Valley]

[37- Wildflowers on trail]

[38 -Hikers on trail to Amethyst Lakes]

[39 - Ramparts and Amethyst Lakes]

[40 - Ramparts and Amethyst Lakes]

[41- Ametheyst Lake and the Ramparts - click to enlarge]

[42-Moving away from the Ramparts and Amethyst Lakes]

The Amethyst campground has eight sites, bear cables, tables and privy. Campfires are not permitted in the Tonquin Valley.

The Tonquin Valley is actually a 5 km-long pass whose broad crest cradles the Amethyst Lakes set at the base of the Ramparts.

Source: ParksCanada

Photo Credits: [35][36][37][38][39][40][42]-brilang CC=nc-sa-flickr, [41]-Feffef CC=nc-sa-flickr.


Charles Gramlich said...

Those mountains really do look like ramparts. I can imagine all kinds of secrets hidden behind that barrier. Lost cities, ancient monuments, aliens.

Beautiful purple flowers in that one pic as well.

Teresa said...

Barbara, these photos are gorgeous. Thanks for the interlude of peace and beauty to start my day!!

Barbara Martin said...

Charles, I missed putting in the names of the peaks of the Ramparts from left to right: Drawbridge Peak, Redoubt Peak, Dungeon Peak, Paragon Peak and Parapet Peak. These peaks top the Continental Divide.

The area is a boon for anyone creative.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

I was thinking just the same as Charles Gramlich!

They are so paintable too, with their jagged form and snowlines.

Barbara Martin said...

Teresa, I love this particular area of the Rockies. Although it takes a bit of a hike to reach the area, there are many other hikes to venture on, which I will be covering in subsequent weeks.

Barbara Martin said...

Raph, then you will like the day hike next week to a location on the far side of the valley for a bird's eye view.

Junosmom said...

Wow, is the scenery beautiful! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Martin said...

Of all the wonderous sights in Jasper National Park, this is my favourite.

Ruahines said...

Kia ora Barbara,
I feel very drawn to the Ramparts, one of the places where I sense a well of Energy and a desire to linger.

Barbara Martin said...

Robb, the area has a feeling of pristine wilderness as the park wardens often close the area due to grizzly numbers. The bears follow the caribou into this location which makes for difficult human contact. Early fall is the recommended time to venture into the valley as most of the bears will have retreated to their sleeping quarters for the winter.

Next week's post will have photos of how the Ramparts look across the valley from a higher elevation.