Friday, 4 June 2010

Weekend Reflections (5)

This photo was previously posted (here) and it's one that speaks for itself. Morning mist and water birds keeping their feet dry.

It has a lovely effect of mist rising from the water revealing a reflection. This photo is of Patricia Lake in Jasper National Park.

Photo Credit: cblee CC=nc-sa-flickr. Click to enlarge.


Teresa said...

I love this photo, Barbara. It's such a dramatic contrast to the unfortunate birds on the news lately.

Barbara Martin said...

It's terrible about the birds in the gulf. I'd like to dunk the CEO of BP in that oil slick and leave him there, except I believe he's already resigned from his position. Heading for the hills before a lawsuit hits.

Even if the bird rescuers clean the feathers they have been contaminated with carcinogens and toxic chemicals.

The chemical BP sprayed on the water to disperse the crude oil on the water's surface has only made matters worse by having it sink down into the water and into the gulf stream.

RuneE said...

This photo has a dreamlike nature tha really appeals to me.