Saturday, 4 May 2013

Heathrow Park Trail (Toronto Ontario)

This afternoon I decided to explore one of the walking trails in North York named the Heathrow Park Trail. This walking trail extends from Exbury Road south to Jane Street near Heathrow Road. On a warm sunny day, like today, it was a pleasant saunter under newly budding trees and a light breeze.

The trail begins adjacent to Exbury Park at 136 Exbury Road with a paved portion down a short incline in a southerly direction. At the bottom is a junction where a trail to the left leads to Tavistock Road. This portion of the trail was closed for repairs by the Parks Department of the City of Toronto.

Looking back toward Exbury Road (straight ahead) with a fork near the post to the right of centre and a path leading to a beamed staircase to west end of Tavistock Road over a small bridge.
The trail narrows slightly, the pavement changing to packed dirt and gravel sections. Repairs are being made to the water channel of Heathrow Creek to stabilize the banks and the culverts leading in from the side streets.

While making my way down the trail I met several walkers in both directions.

The above photo is looking back (north) along the trail.

Toronto City Parks have a code of conduct for their trails throughout the city:

Stay on the existing trails.

Respect trail closures.

Keep dogs on leash.

Leave no trace.

There are several litter bins along the trail including blue recycle bins.

The trail crosses Heathrow Drive to continue south.

Here the trail makes it way between residential homes linking it to Heathrow Park and Jane Street.

The photo below is looking east to Heathrow Park from the gate to Jane Street via a parking lot of a small strip plaza.

Looking toward rear of parking lot where entrance to Heathrow Park and the Heathrow trail is located.

Many locals use the trail as a shortcut to the Sheridan Mall shopping centre and local merchants in the area.
More information on Toronto's city trails can be found at :

Photo Credits: BEMartin All Rights Reserved.


RuneE said...

It was nice to follow you around such a fine trail. It must be nice to have such a fine stroll within easy access.

Leah J. Utas said...

What a lovely, peaceful walk.

Charles Gramlich said...

Research shows that humans have a particular attraction to trails that curve out of sight just ahead.

Barbara Martin said...

RuneE, there is another walking trail a few blocks north of the access on Exbury Road in the Downsview Dells Park with a trail of 9 km along the Black Creek.

Barbara Martin said...

Leah, I'll be taking it regularly from now on as its better than walking on cement on hot sunny days.

Charles, it must be human curiosity of the unknown.

Raph G. Neckmann said...

Ooh now this looks like my kind of walk! What a beautiful trail and how lucky you are to live near such a lovely place. Your photos communicate such a pleasant atmosphere.

naturelover said...

That is a very special trail for me
When my mom was fighting cancer we took that trail often together
My mom passed away since then and i am in usa now and bedridden
My dream is to get well and walk that trail again
Thank you for posting these pictures
They brought back many warm memories

naturelover said...

This is a very special trail for me
When my mom was fighting cancer we took that trail often
Since then my mom passed away and i am in the usa now bedridden
I dream to get well and walk that trail again
Thank you for posting pictures they brought many warm memories
Someday i will make that walk again

Barbara Martin said...

Yelena, I'm pleased the post brought fond memories back.

UIFPW08 said...

Fantastic shots..