Friday, 25 May 2012

Point by Thomas Blackthorne (Book Review)

From the back cover: “It’s spreading. The suicide cults of kids barely through puberty. They kill themselves in Cutter Circles, brought together by 3g and desolate dreams. It’s a virus. A plague. Who knows how to stop it? Find out who caused it. Find out who’s in charge. Destroy them. Survive.” This novel is a different kind of science fiction thriller. This was a book that I started several times but was unable to continue to the end due to its subject matter. Stories on suicide may interest other readers even in a fiction setting, but it wasn’t for me. The review copy was provided by Lee Harris. Book format: mass-market paperback, 384 pages Publisher: Angry Robot Books Author website: [] Available: January 2011 US/Canada Edition ISBN 978 0 00 732 948 9 Ebook Edition: ISBN 978-0-85766-080-0

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