Friday, 23 April 2010

Time to Escape into the Wilderness

This is Mt. Ratcliffe located about 50 km SE of Bella Coola in British Columbia.

I have just endured another residence move back into an apartment complex. Sharing a house has too many headaches. One of the other roommates had a tendency to leave the stove burners on when distracted (sometimes leaving the house with them still on). This is the same woman who used sulphuric acid in the kitchen drain which I previously posted about.

The new location has a creek running along the property perimeter with several families of mallards paddling happily in the water. Expect some photos taken by me soon.

Photo Credit: Dru! CC=nc-flickr. Click to enlarge.


Ruahines said...

Kia ora Barbara,
Enjoy your new, hopefully more enjoyable abode. Look forward to seeing you peaceful and happy by the stream. There is something so soothing about moving water. Kia kaha.

Teresa said...

Great photo, Barbara. I'm glad you're well. I look forward to pictures of the creek.

David Cranmer said...

I hope you find this new home a better experience. And, as always, I will be looking forward to the photos.

Gallow said...

This photo is so perfect. I love being able to see the stones in the water. Wow!!

Barbara Martin said...

Robb, every time I take the bridge across to the shopping mall there are often swarms of youths and teenagers who fell compelled to be there too. Though early in the morning, around 10AM, the place is nicely deserted and quiet.

Teresa, it's too bad Toronto doesn't have mountains close by, or I'd be there. The Laurentians in Quebec are closer than the Rockies but they don't hold the same appeal for me.

David, the nice thing about moving to a new place is adding another picture: at least I do. This time I went to Chinatown and picked up a wall hanging with cranes, an embroidered picture of wild horses with traditional Chinese frame, and brass chimes to help the vibrations.

Barbara Martin said...

Gallow, another great thing about clear water is the fish are easier to spot.

Teresa said...

Great choices on the Chinese paintings, Barbara. You can't go wrong with cranes, horses, and chimes!

Leah J. Utas said...


laughingwolf said...

'beautiful british columbia', indeed!

can that thing not be locked up on mental deficiency grounds?

sounds idyllic, hope to see pics soon

Bernita said...

House mates from hell.
Glad you're out of there.

Barbara Martin said...

Teresa, I counted the cranes this morning: 106. I wonder if the number increases one's immortality.

Leah, mountains and water are pure joy.

Tony, she hasn't really harmed anyone, yet. Hopefully she won't burn the house down and make the 6PM news.

There are locations to stand along the pathways where you might think you were away from the city.

Bernita, I may make use of the experience of a deranged housemate in a story. It's too good to pass up.

Anonymous said...

Great news that you are out of that situation Barbara. Yesterday, sitting in the car, I was looking at the ugliness at the back of a shopping centre, waiting for my husband to return from shopping. I was wondering if I could photograph it, collage it, and ultimately make a photo from the rearrangement of certain aspects.After seeing the photo in your post, I think I must have been desperate to find something in this urban environment. I need to find me some "pristine and beautiful"!! Thanks for a refreshing and invigorating photo.All the best with your new surrounds.

Reader Wil said...

Good luck in your new home! The reflection is perfect! I love that mountain.

Barbara Martin said...

Pam and Wil, some urban environments are bleak and others filled with greenery and water. I'm glad I chose parkland around an apartment complex with a studio where only I and my lovebirds reside. Now I can settle down to write again as my history posts and articles have fallen behind.