Thursday, 22 May 2008

The First Accolades

Writing comes naturally to me which is a boon during the drafting and rewriting stages. Of course, the butterflies arrive with polishing the synopsis and making those last final touches to the manuscript just before sending it out to be seen by strangers' eyes. This is followed by self-doubt and wondering whether or not the idea for your story merits being published. Is it really good enough? Does it fit in with what the literary agents are looking for?

My first manuscript went through a thorough editing with an editor, followed by rewrites, and with several tweaks here and there will be sent out to retest the waters next month. My first attempt ended in a fizz. Now, I'm ready to make further attempts, and while this is going on I will be working on other manuscripts that follow the premise of the first.

To keep my spirits up with future writing will be the words from my editor, Michael Carr, on the overall aspect of my first manuscript:

... You have a wonderfully fertile imagination, and the ability to bring those imagined situations and characters to life in such a way that even the bizarre sounds somehow believable. You do horror well, and that is no mean feat, but you’ve done something much trickier: evoking in the reader an empathy for the monstrous. There is also a certain strangeness about your writing. I mean this as a very high compliment. That strangeness, permeating every word and existing between the words as well, says to the reader, “Come, enter this world I have made for you. It is not quite the same as the one you inhabit day by day without a second thought.”


Carter said...

Those are some fantastic comments! Congratualtions!

Barbara Martin said...

Thank you, Carter.

Michael's technical knowledge of editing is vast, as he edits for several of the major publishers. He knows what works and what doesn't. His comments throughout the editing process are invaluable reminders of what not to do in the next manuscript; and, of course, the positive comments are to be preserved.

Travis Erwin said...

That is some great prise for your work and don't worry we've all had our submissions that ended with a fizz but the important thing is to keep plugging away.

Terrie Farley Moran said...

Wow! Barbara, congratulations on such a supportive editorial comment.


Anonymous said...

Hello Barbara. Hope all is well with you. Things are the same here, including the revolving door re receptionists and LB assistants. Keep the faith. Paul Beyer

Barbara Martin said...

Travis and Terrie,

Thank you for your comments. When I was drafting this first manuscript I worried whether or not I had made it creepy enough. I'm not a fan of gore, preferring a more psychological aspect of things that creep around in the shadows.

I see the horrors have not left that particular fantasy place. Time to enlist the bully busters.