Friday, 7 March 2008

Egads, Inspiration!

Mars, the planet, seems to be working it's magic on me. I have begun reworking my WIP and now have new ideas springing forth like green buds on branches. That's figuratively thinking, considering Toronto is expecting a large dump of snow overnight and on Saturday into Sunday.

That, in fact, will assist in my sitting at my desk and writing whatever comes to mind. In the past, I found it easier to write in bits: taking small portions of the overall manuscript and working on that. This is akin to working on dressage movements, dividing up the figures to make a whole. If I get stuck on one section, I move to another and work on that, and afterwards I write transitions between paragraphs or chapters to make the story fit. I believe I read an article that Diana Gabaldon subscribes to this method. If it works for her, it should work for me. I hope.

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Eileen said...

Oooh I just love when new ideas are flowing! Hope the snow isn't too bad- or if it is that you're able to snuggle in and get some writing done.